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G Hoffman Soto has been actively inolved in the Movement Arts since 1969. This means as a student, teacher and performer. His background includes 32 years practicing the martial arts including Tai Chi Chuaun, Aikido, Capoiera (Brazilian Martial Art/Dance), Filipino Martial Arts (where he holds master ranking), QiQong, and Tae Kwan Do. He has studied structured and free improvised dance and theater since 1969. He began his hands on body work practice hands in 1970, this including Swedish Massage, Shiatsu, Polarity Therapy, Ideokinesis (where he has written a manual on the work), Lomi body work, Cranial Sacral Therapy and Passive Joint Mobilizations. His objectives in his sessions are to assist clients to come into their bodies in the moment, to open and create space, and to allow the body to heal itself.

Soto teaches and lives in the San Francisco Bay area and has taught internationally since 1979 throughout Europe, Canada, Japan, Lebanon and Australia. He presently has training programs in Europe in the Filipino Martial Arts, Movement Awareness, and Performance Lab: a Training in the Life/Art Process.


Somatics is a word that implies embodiment of experience. It means wholeness of one's experience: body, mind, intellect, psych, and spirit. Somatics can, and is, applied to education, psychology, movement and dance, meditation, martial arts, religion, theater, walking and eventually (and hopefully) to all our daily activities and life.

In this course this embodiment of experience will be approached and studied through movement, dance, and meditation. We will use movement approaches from both western and eastern disciplines. From the western approach we will use Movement Awareness. This is an approach that has been developing since the 1930's in Europe and America. Much of the work is done lying down and looks and feels like yoga but has some different, and some similar, goals. Working on the floor is emphasized because it neutralizes much of the effects of gravity and allows the bodymind to learn to relax and move in more efficient ways with less stress and strain on the bodymind. Additinally, work is done standing, and in simple movement studies, to begin to translate the new found relaxation and flexibility into action.

The Eastern approach will focus on QiQong (Ki Kou in Japanese). Qiqong means
"cultivation of the life force." Qiqong is probably the most popular form of exercise practiced in the world today. It is very gentle, and in this approach, stresses relaxation in action and visualizations to help integrate the body, mind and spirit.

Dance is a universal language. Dance allows us to express who we are in the
present. It is communicaton without words. In this seminar there is no steps to imitate or learn. We simply encourage participants to let the feelings, emotions, music, energy and the moment to move them. Dance is a part of being human. When we dance we express our humanness.

In this approach Meditation is used as a study of movement in stillness. We use meditation to ground and center us in the moment and to help us understand who we are in the present. There are techniques and there are no techniques, there is simply the now. For those who wish, we will offer techniques to assist participants to relax and settle in themselves, and for those who have a practice then we encourage them to use what they have.

The overall objective in this seminar is to learn to relax, to become more flexible in the body, mind and spirit, and in one's life, and to let the bodymind be free to express and create who we are. As we become more relaxed, flexible, expressive and creative in our bodymindspirit we become more relaxed, flexible, expressive and creative in our lifes.