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Earthstar Holistic Consultancy

The Consultancy is dedicated to the integration of holistic perspectives in the arena of the arts, education, healthcare, agriculture, ethical businesses, technology and leadership in the local and global communities.

The Consultancy is involved in personal and concept development with individuals and organisations in aligning the vision of the Arts in the new millenium, interweaving the Performing and Visual Arts with the Healing Arts recreating new paradigms of wisdom distilled from traditional systems.

It is now a network of highly skilled and motivated visionaries, therapists, artists, writers, musicians, environmentalists, business consultants, architects and designers of the art of living.

The mission is to raise awareness of the interconnectedness of life with a focus on self-discovery, refinement of the human psyche and potentialisation in altruistic service for preservation of traditional heritage, ecological balance, community development and humanitarian outreach.