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I first met Wai Ching Lee in 1991 in a Somatic Class I was teaching at New College of California in San Francisco. She was a new student at the school but her presence indicated that she was a very old and wise soul.

Over the course of the two semesters Ms. Lee was in my classes, Somatics and Living Anatomy, she exhibited a depth of understanding and insight that was both stimulating and inspiring for both her fellow students and to me. I remembered thinking at the time how wonderful my job would be if there were more students who brought such attention and intention to the classroom.

Later as our student/teacher relationship turned to friends and colleagues I was always impressed by 'Wai Ching's ability to make people feel comfortable with themselves and with where they were. Later these gifts began to blossom in many creative ways as she pursued and developed herself as a healer, movement artist and human being.

One story I would like to share is that in the Experiential Anatomy Class there was a student who had Multiple Personality Disorder. Her counselor had called me and asked if thought it would be OK if she took the class and explained all the potential problems. I agreed and she began to come to class. One of her "things" was that she would not let anybody touch her. Now in this class, where we did a lot of hands on learning work, this was a potential problem. But I gave her a lot of space and allowed her to ease herself into the routine. One day when we were dividing up into partners to do some hands on work around the shoulders she asked Wai Ching to be her partner. Later the woman told me that Wai Ching was the only one she would work with...Now over the years I see she still has that quality of making others comfortable and at ease and additionally has developed herself into being a tremendously gifted healer and artist. It has been an absolute pleasure and delight to witness her unfoldment.

G Hoffman Soto M.ED., RMT,
March 2003
San Francisco, USA

I did one meditation session with Wai Ching and was surprised that it actually started healing a back pain that I had, for over 3 years and had seen mulitiple doctors for a remedy, with no results. By the end of the session, the pain was gone! Besides the healing, I had a wonderful meditation, which helped me connect with my inner self, for the first time. It was fabulous!

Thank you Wai Ching!

November 2001

I first met Wai Ching at a Conference in India over 2 years ago. Since then she has visited our clinic in London, UK and we were able to experience first hand her work with Energy. We had a need to improve the environment in the clinic to help create a more vibrant and healing atmosphere and one that would inspire patients during their attendance. This lady has a special ability! Not only did she help us achieve what we set out to do but my personal experience in working with her enabled me to experience her true ability to detect and manipulate energy. I also had a sporting injury of the forearm that improved significantly after just one of Wai Ching's treatment sessions. I could not recommend her more highly.

Dr Nyjon Eccles MRCP PhD
Medical Director, The Chiron Clinic, Harley St, London

Wai Ching is a lightworker whose being expresses divine grace.

Leonard Laskow, MD
Mill Valley, California

I have a myriad of health problems. Grossly overweight, asthma which I developed after a bout of bronchial cough, chronic back ache pains that even once rendered me immobile and had to be hospitalised, migraine and leg pain. I am also prone to bouts of depression and self-doubt. Skeptic that I was but being caught at the cross roads, I was willing to try anything.

I am very grateful to my friend who has introduced me to Wai Ching. Wai Ching is like a one-stop centre providing quick and effective solutions to most if not all my problems.

We had weekly sessions since March 2003. In the first day, she did breathwork and also channeled her energy through me. When completed, I was literally swaying from side to side and breathing better. By the third session, I learnt to do some simple qigong exercises that helped my back.

Now when I sit at my workstation/ or mahjong for prolonged periods of time and even when sleeping, it does not hurt. Her simple exercises really helped to keep the back strain in check. She did a wonderful back massage and even though there was extreme pain at the onset, I felt great at the end. My back problem had about 80-90% recovery. Migraine and leg pain were reduced.

Throughout our sessions, she also helped me work through emotional baggage and helped me get in touch with my soul. Her work really gives new meaning to the word Holistic ("Wholistic"). We are now working on my weight and asthma problem.

Thank you Wai Ching!

May 2003

I was introduced to Wai-Ching by a good friend. It was simply amazing that after a 2 hour session with her, I experienced significant improvement on my chronic back pain (& associated stomach cramps) which has plagued me for over 2 years.

Before that, I rarely had a good night's rest. I was awakened by my back pain and the strain at both sides of my stomach almost every night after about 4-5 hours into my sleep. Now, I am able to sleep well and when I wake up, I no longer feel the tightness on my back and stomach.

Just one short session and I would say my condition has improved about 60%! I continued to experience improvement after doing simple meditation and breathing exercises of 5 -10 minutes each day for a week as suggested by Wai-Ching. After my second session with Wai-Ching, hard to believe but true, my back pain is almost fully healed.

Wai-Ching's healing method is effective although it may seem mystical and unique to those who have no knowledge or experience with meditation, qi-gong, reki and yoga. Her healing has done for me what orthopedics, physiotherapists and acupuncturists could not.

Thanks Wai-Ching!

Wei Teck
April 2003

Wai Ching Lee embodies Compassion. She is a living vehicle for Healing and transformation, a beautiful and remarkably balanced Being who brings Light to illuminate the darkness, Peace and Relaxation to tend the stressed, Hope to those who are down-hearted, Faith to those in despair, and above all Love to those who have lost their way and have become seduced by the illusion of separateness, of isolation and fear. All this whilst at the same time being very human; a woman in search, and in service, a woman, one feels, always seeking to be obedient to the Divine.

How do I know this? We met at The Holistic Health and Healing Summit in Bangalore in 2003, of which I was program Chair. Perceiving a kindred spirit in service, Wai Ching and I began a dialogue that continues and will never cease. When I sought to explore areas of my own suffering, she responded, opening herself fully to my own search and process. I felt totally safe entering with her realms of the spirit I had not entered before. At no point did she seek to interfere, to direct or to influence my process. What I saw, what I experienced in mind, in body and in spirit, and what I was given as a result of that work, remains with me now and led me further in my healing. I am infinitely grateful for that work. I Pray that these words convey something, even just a little something of the seriousness, the joy, the lightness, the humour, the integrity and the profundity of Wai Ching's Work, and perhaps just a little of the beauty of the Being who embodies it.

Kim A Jobst MA DM MRCP MFHom
Physician and Medical Homoeopath.
England, UK
Aug 2005

I know one thing-a crucial one--about Wai Ching: She has a good heart. People can go on about chakras and energies and the like (and thee's something to it), but the sign of a healer is the ability to put herself aside and focus genuinely on the wellbeing of another. A healer invokes, with sincerity and commitment, nothing less than the power of love--a power which (to steal a line from St. Paul) "covereth all things." Here is Wai-Ching's true gift: She makes herself permeable to others; opens to the world; intends the good and places herself in service of it (not only as a healer, but as a charity worker amid some of this planet's more dismal human circumstances). She also has a contagious joie de vivre, which is itself a healing force!

Marc Barasch, author of The Healing Path and Field Notes on the Compassionate Life
May, 2004
Colorado, USA

The story begins the week before I met Wai Ching. I had gone wake boarding and aggravated an old injury in my left shoulder from all my days of playing golf, basketball, tennis, and baseball. When I went to the gym to do my normal workout, I asked the trainer to spot me just in case I had any trouble getting the weight up. He took a close look at my shoulders and pointed out that my right shoulder was substantially higher than my left. I had noticed this about a year before, but simply thought it was because my right arm was stronger than my left. But he pointed out to me that my right shoulder was lopsided and the muscles were growing out of place. There was an abnormal muscle or tissue growth, about the size of a golf ball, that I had always noticed but never realized that it was unusual before the trainer pointed it out and compared it with my other shoulder and his shoulders. It had never caused me any pain but I was still worried about the strange shape and the unknown tissue.

Naturally, I was concerned about this, and it was the preoccupation of most of my attention for the remainder of the day. Later that evening, I met Wai Ching and we started a conversation. As had most of my conversations that day, I mentioned the unusual discovery I had made that day. Wai Ching immediately spotted my shoulder and put her hand directly on top of the unusual muscle and began focusing her energies towards it. Within a minute, for the first time ever, my shoulder started hurting. The pain became excruciating, but within a few minutes it subsided. She told me she had "activated" the growth area, and begun the healing process.

When I woke up in the morning, I instinctively reached for my shoulder to feel the growth, and much to my amazement, it was completely gone! Overall, my right shoulder is still a bit higher than my left, but the golf ball sized muscle like tissue had miraculously disappeared overnight thanks to Wai Chings help!

April 2003

Having been given the opportunity to work with Wai Ching was a blessing for me. Introduced by a former employer, I felt not only comfortable at our very first meeting but, knew somehow that she would play an important role in my life.

Responsible, alert and conscientious are just some of the fine qualities that this beautiful woman possess. Watching her work her healing powers during the 2000 BE FESTIVAL was an eye opening experience for me.

Even as there were skeptics in the crowd whispering away with their assumptions that it was all another "hocus pocus", those assumptions were swiftly swept away as they watched her heal the many hopefuls who came to her for assistance, for they were not disappointed. Results were seen instantly, there were others who could feel her gentle energy and marveled at the quality of her work and as for me, each time spent with her was a healing session in itself!

The one part of me that was brought forward during those moments even though I was not aware of it at that time, was this need to help others who needed help. Only in the last two years, after my meeting with her, that this calling has become stronger and clearer.

Always with her, I feel a calmness, compassion and serenity that I cannot otherwise find in my day to day meeting with people. Under her constant guidance and supervision, there is just so much that she has instilled in me and knowledge that she shares willingly even though my time spent working with her was a mere few months. And no doubt I look forward to be able to continue working with her in this year and all the coming years ahead!

Cecilia Jeyaram,
January 2003

I come from a scientific family. My dad has a PHD in agronomy, my mom has a Masters in Political Science and I myself studied nursing for the better part of 4 years- so putting faith in anything but science and scientific technology was more than a foreign concept to me. Any sickness or ailment is something that only science and modern medicine is equipped to handle. Or so I thought. I've since begun to realize that sickness starts from within. Sickness of the spirit , of the soul will eventually manifest in the physical being. And any preventative measures you take against this - are so far mightier than any cure that modern medicine can offer. I can't tell you what Wai Ching Lee does. It defies description and is so far beyond the familiar realm of science that I couldn't even articulate it. I can attest to this:

I've never felt this way before.

Healthy. Calm. Joyous. Strong. Focused. Vibrant. Love. Inner peace. It's our birthright. Wai Ching Lee helps you reclaim it. It's healing like I've never known, and you'd be denying yourself the greatest gifts that God has given us if you've never experienced this kind of awakening.

February 2005

I have experienced long-term stress caused by work pressures and faced may challenging life circumstances. My life was limited to work and nothing else but work, fighting the issue of syndicates of crime and dealing with victims of abusive power. My office is my home and family. I practise yoga and meditation to overcome stress but it did not help much.

I became depressed emotionally and mentally, had thought of attempted suicide and cried almost everyday when I woke up in the morning. Tried to take Reiki course and chakra healing meditation, built an altar in my house and pray more often to improve my spiritual side, but I still faced frustrations when dealing with every day life, dealing with colleagues, friends, family and could not solve problems well in close and personal relationships.

I was introduced to Wai-Ching two years ago in a social work program. After I started working with her, my life has changed. Though stress-full work still exists around and inside me most of the time, I started to get in touch with my feelings, manage more time to balance, retreat and self care and also met some people who are at the same journey of recovery. However, generally I was still nervous, anxious and impatient. Whenever I faced major life crisis, I became depressed again.

I decided to ask a favor from Wai-Ching to get her healing session. She took me to her "clinic", a beautiful, serene, peaceful place. She started the session with herbal medicine; we spent sometime talking about work and sharing experiences. Later she asked me to meditate and started the energy healing. It was a miracle.

After a-3 hours session, Wai-Ching taught me that spiritual growth and healing is about patience, acceptance, compassion, serenity and surrender to the Greater Good of All Concerned. Her healing works for me.

The day after, when I woke up, I felt my life has been a serial of blessings. It's a great leap of recovery process. I do not cry anymore when I wake up each morning. The world around me seems so peaceful and abundantly full of positive energies. I become more patient and accepting to whatever comes, whether it's annoyance or joy.

Wai-Ching is a beautiful, gentle soul and true healer.

Thanks Wai-Ching. Looking forward with you to heal many wounded souls who need your presence.

August, 2005

Wai-Ching is magic!
Is she a White Witch or Angel of Light?
For those who are not yet in-tune with natural forces of spirit in nature, you are in for a surprise.
Be open minded & aware that there are kind folks in this world, with powers beyond your imagination.

At a moment when I was really really down, burnt out & bordering on a rare lapse into depression, physically and emotionally, when the stress of dire circumstances had exhausted my life force.
My old friend was there at the right moment, saying let me help you.

Within seconds of her hands on my neck & shoulders, I was starting to zone out.
Her healing touch went deep to my core, I guess a bit like being TKO'd.
I'm not sure how long I was out cold.
When I came to, I was smiling,
The problems weren't problems any more.
The weight & darkness of my stress had evaporated.
An unbelievable transformation.
She has the light, the spirit, the energy, that you can trust.

I have had Reiki many times in my life,
I even dabble a little myself, but she is a master, and an inspirator.
A buzz session with my dear friend Wai-Ching is truly unforgettable.

Richard Wilson
Aug 2005

Lee Wai-Ching is one of those rare people who were born destined to bring to the world a greater understanding of what health and true well-being is all about. But it's not just knowledge that Wai-Ching gives so openly; it's her totality of being that leaves a lasting impression with anyone who has had the good fortune of meeting this special person who mirrors the light of the great understanding.

Not long after I first met Wai-Ching I had decided to publish a spa and health magazine called Spa Odyssey. We were looking at the options for a stylish, sensual front page cover for the first edition. I discussed it with Wai-Ching and - within a week - we had her featured standing in the rock pools of an ancient Khmer spa. Who could ever forget Wai-Ching's flawless back! Our readers were most impressed.

Wai-Ching often speaks about people and their life's journeys as if it's meant to be. Living in the moment was never enough for this magical healer. Her way is to know the moment, and let it live you. Whatever level you want to travel on: Wai- Ching was always ready to guide.

I've spent many of my Earth years seeking the refined energies of places and beings. From the dark meditation caves in northern India to the tiger track jungle paths of Laos and Thailand, I've had some wonderful experiences both in the inside and outside worlds.

When I look back on my times with Wai Ching I see an energy source of abundance and a leading light that has no hesitation in leading - even if those she leads don't know where they are going and what's really going on.

I had the good fortune of being led by Wai-Ching into my twilight mind in a therapeutic session at Chiva Som in Hua Hin, Thailand. I am tempted to say that it was a fascinating "trip", but that would leave this experience far too short. This was more than a picture show of the mind or a space odyssey. This was as real as it gets in terms of deep probes and color sensations. I can recall seeing the high chakra blue colors dazzling away, knotted together with golden cords. Was I dreaming? Tripping? I think not. This was a deep connection of the Wai-Ching kind.

Anyone who has the desire to explore themselves - deeply and interdependently (with another) - should do themselves a big favor and let Wai-Ching guide them into worlds that for most people remain locked away for eternity.

Wai-Ching has the key - and the heart - to unravel many of life's mysteries. Spend some time with Wai-Ching and you too will believe.

Patrick Cusick
August 2005

I've had this bump on my head for the past two years. I went to see a Doctor when it appeared and he reassured me that I should not worry about it. As the months passed, it was becoming more and more irritating but did not grow in anyway. After two years, I decided it was time to do something about it and started to concentrate and meditate on it to with no effect. I went back to see a Doctor who told me that it was probably nothing but recommended a surgeon should I want to have it removed.

Uncertain as to what to do next, I thought it was time to go back and see Wai Ching. After all, if I wanted to focus my energy on it, I would be better off with a guide. Meeting her on a sunny morning, we spent some time catching-up and sharing experiences, something we hadn't done in a long time. Towards the end of our conversation, she started to guide me into a meditative state that helped me trigger images.

Wai Ching's first comment was that the bump felt very hot. I passed my hand on it and felt a fairly intense heat it seemed to generate. Within a few seconds, the images started to flow and lead very quickly into a rather intense and colourful vision of my face with the top exploding into a yellow bright light. I knew it was my head even though I did not quite recognise my face. We finished the meditation a few minutes later and reached towards my head. It felt cooler than before. I went home relaxed but uncertain as to what the next step was. I needed to interpret the vision.

It turned out, the surgery was an extension of the guided mediation.

I couldn't figure out what the vision meant until I decided to go for the operation, a rather intrusive but often necessary step. My decisiveness later made me realise that it was the right thing to do and that decision, for some reason, explained the vision. There is nothing wrong with surgery as long as it is done for the right reasons. My work with Wai Ching and the vision I received convinced me that it was time to marry holistic healing and traditional medicine.

I'm grateful to Wai Ching for showing me the way.

Frederic Moraillon
March 2003

Wai-Ching's ability to lead a group and take people into creative healing spaces is profound. She can quickly see when the energy in a group needs to shift and I have watched her lead the groups in a healing movement practice, meditation, or visualization which refocuses the team and allows creative, constructive ideas to flow again.

I was facilitating a team- building session with a cross functional and diverse group that needed to work together on a project in the United States and China. Wai-Ching, a member of the team quickly became an influential leader of the group. At one point, the group got into a conflict and Wai-Ching helped the group reconnect to their common goals and created unity which moved the group forward in a very constructive way. She embodies the best of female leadership qualities - strength, spiritual awareness, and compassion and this makes people want to follow her suggestions and leadership.

Marina Rose,
Team building consultant, leadership coach
San Francisco, California

I met Wai Ching in Singapore in 2002 and know her dedicated work. In July 2004, our paths crossed again and at that time I was thinking to do Reiki in order to help balance my energies and stop smoking. It was a very good coincidence.

Wai Ching did a session with me. During this time I felt very relaxed and happy, I could not stop laughing. Indeed, I have a very good sense of humour and spend my time laughing at my own mistakes or past experiences!

I could feel so much energy that it was quite difficult to sleep afterwards. I guess my mind was then processing the information and was watching myself, my bodily and psychological reactions to the fact that I wanted to stop smoking. I could see clearly that apart from some laziness, I was too much attached to the old image of myself, the one that smokes and the patterns I developed in relation to it.

The positive effects of this session are that I know I can stop smoking - I have done it during 3 weeks during a period of real stress. I realised that I do not need the cigarette as a helping stick. On the contrary, the smoking symbolises an attachment and a barrier to my own connection. It is like a veil I put around me, a veil I do not need ;-).

Now, I am pacing my life style and one step after the other putting things into places. I have realistic deadlines which enable me positive visualisation. I am confident enough to say that soon I am going to turn the page on the old image, to start a new life without smoking.

July 2004

It was fate that we met...
..As the first Singaporean Chinese who presently prepares to launch the first Asian based and Asian managed Holistic centre in Germany. I coincidently found Ms Wai Ching within one of the Holistic health Seminar on a website while I was in Germany. Before that I have never heard of Earth Star Holistic Consultancy nor Wai Ching.

My instinct told me that this beautiful lady (whom later became my Teacher) will play an important role in helping me with my holistic business. I could recall writing my first email to her and my first impression about her was that she is such a selfless healer!

One day, I was really glad to know that Wai Ching will visit one of her clients in Europe and immediately I have requested her about my intent to work and study with her in Germany. However due to last minute plans we are not able to meet.

Soon I was planning a trip to Singapore and I have scheduled a meeting with Wai Ching. When in Singapore, we met and instantly I felt as though I have known her for a long time. I am really happy to have found my Teacher, I have learnt so much more from her and I am blessed and honored to be acknowledged by Wai Ching as one of her Star Student.

I have quit smoking with her help and thank her for sharing the joy and laughter during the days of working and studying with her in Singapore.

Love, Joy & Peace
Andy Wan
Munich, Germany 2004

Please allow me to add my story.

It took me almost two days to finally sitting down to work on this piece of something for Wai Ching. Not because she needed an additional testimonial, but because i seriously think, by putting my experience in words, i may be able to sort out my thoughts better.

I am a writer with 11 years of experiences. However liked what i mentioned at the beginning of this message, i do not know how to even start this passage. i spent the past two days doing a lot of thinking, mainly on what happened to me, during an intended short visit (but turned out to be more than 3 whole hours) to her home.

I am doing a project about TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) , and would like to add more elements so i came to Wai Ching through a colleague's recommendation. My colleague certainly did not do a good job in telling me what kind of person i am expecting to meet. I thought it was just going to be any other research i had done before, just go there, talk, arrange and leave.

I thought.

But that was not what happened. We talked a lot, mainly on topics which were not even related to my target issue. Wai Ching must have been the most easy-going master, that she made me and my producer felt so at home, that before we noticed, we were talking like we were old friends. I swear it was just a casual remark I had made, i said `how i wish i can try out your Qi Gong`, but Wai Ching took the two strangers so seriously and straight away invited us to have a feel of her teaching.

Ok here comes the part which really confused me. Within minutes from starting, i had the strangest feeling in my body, a feeling i never ever felt before. I am sure i was conscious, cos i can hear Wai Ching's instruction very clearly. However as i imagine the Qi traveling within my body, i started `dancing`. Oh well, i know it must have been just some not so graceful actions because i am never good at making nice postures, but i swear my body was swaying all directions, without me controlling it. I can feel my hands and hips making circles, it was not a bit eerie, i just felt delighted!

That night i was at Pulau Ubin for another work. I wanted to try it again to confirm that whatever happened in the day was not an illusion. It was not, i had a most wonderful interaction with the natural forces of Ubin, so much so that i got a little giddy for swaying my head too vigorously.

I had a wonderful sleep that night. Although i do feel that the practices made me starve, haha. Seriously, i never imagine experiencing such extraordinary things. I felt so connected with my religious master, because as i `dance`, i can almost see him with me. I am not sure how u can explain this in a more logic or science-based saying though.

I can only say, Wai Ching is the most extraordinary person i had met so far, even i am in the very exciting entertainment industry. And i certainly hope i will have more chance to learn from her.

Veronica Ho
September 2005

The approach that Wai Ching uses is very refreshing & direct.

I've been training with her for around one & half months & my life has
certainly changed as she uses a combination of techniques from Qi Gong,
Meditation, Yoga, Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy & Flower Essences to help me discover my spiritual side - connect with & understand my inner soul.

Never have I felt so calm before as we practise amongst nature.

Yoon Fong
February 2003

Wai Ching,

Thank you so much for helping me to connect with the Divine within myself and to know that my true nature is perfect health and wholeness. When the pupil is ready, the master shall appear - I am thankful that you have appeared in my life, and I am looking forward to reading your new book and to learning more.

Please keep in touch.

Love and Light

January 2003
Bangalore, India

She gives of herself so graciously through all our years of friendship.
From the moment I met her, she have always been in service to those in need.
I value her wisdom, compassion and ability to see into the eyes of others.
I thank her for sharing her teachings with myself and my business.

"Thank you for being such a model for me...and for the world."

Peace, love and light, always

Susie Biehler
Susie Biehler & CO
San Francisco
September 5, 2005

After I have got to work with Miss Wai Ching in a project in Bangkok, we had a tasting section for food what we created for a new club. My girl friend at that time came to enjoy. She told me that she had a bad stomach so she was not really in the mood for food. Miss Wai Ching heard that and before I know she kindly went over the stomach of my girl friend a few times and after that the stomach pain was gone, and on top of that Miss Wai Ching told here that she had an argument with a lady with short hair this afternoon, what was correct, amazing Spirit!! And when you are in company with Miss Wai Ching you feel the warm energy around, I must say full respect for her spirit and I am very delighted that she is able to give so many energy from here to other people to help,

Keep on glowing and shining, Miss Wai Ching Lee

Helfred Van Malkenhorst
The Netherlands
September, 2005

I met Wai Ching Lee at a very interesting time in my life. Having read a few popular books on spirituality and having had a recent introduction to meditation and yoga I was open to "untraditional" concepts. Although not fully open to Spiritual Healing, I had already met people who possessed incredibly good energy. So when I met Wai Ching I didn't hesitate to pursue a friendship. It was natural. She had mentioned about being a healer when we first met but I didn't ask much about that until later. It was the other common things that we had in common that captivated me. In this case I believe it was my passion for music.

I was at a turning point in my life where I had come from being extremely depressed and had considered taking my life. After a month or two of regular psychotherapy in my country, I felt some relief and did what many people do, I left my country.

For some time I managed to find temporary happiness in vacation destinations throughout Southeast Asia but I felt my darkness close behind me. When my funds started to dry up I felt the pressure of reality returning. It was then that I attempted a new line of work that had been suggested to me. This new line of work was significantly different than my previous job. It required a strong sense of self-confidence and a willingness to push forward.

I found myself in Singapore and thankfully in Wai Ching's company. My new job was not going nearly as well as I'd hoped it would and I was quickly becoming stressed and depressed again. It had been a while since I'd practiced yoga or meditation and yet I tried to enjoy myself in the ways I knew best. Nightlife, drinking, dating etc. It was no surprise that this only made me feel worse. Eventually I was so unhappy that I had lost total interest in sex.

As a young man in my early twenties I knew that something was wrong. Embarrassed and ashamed, I one day decided to share my feelings with her. She listened as if she had known me for years. When finished my long story, she suggested some methods of testing and treatment that I had never heard of. Open to anything at this point, I took advantage of her interest in my case. We visited two different clinics in Singapore where my diet and body were examined. In one case, a special light was used to show where physical parts of my body were unhealthy. In the other, a machine was used to examine the composition of my body. (I wish I could recall the exact names of these processes). From these tests it was clear that my prostate was swollen and inflamed. This was no surprise as I was aware of this condition that had been originally diagnosed as Prostititus. Two different Western Doctors had told me that besides the use of Antibiotics (Had previously tried 3 times with only short term effectiveness.) that the only real cure was for me to reduce stress, limit alcohol intake and sleep more. At that time some of the most challenging things for a young man to do.

Besides the tests, she had me try various treatments including Aromatherapy, herbal ointments, meditation and massage therapy. Quickly my symptoms including pain in the genital region started to subside and mentally I improved.

Since my new job wasn't working out, I had to leave Singapore and return to North America. We had just begun treating my symptoms at that time so the fact that I had to leave was an unfortunate situation. This was my first attempt at treating my body with alternative healing methods. I knew that no matter what, I would always encounter stress. Learning coping methods and techniques to reduce the effects of stress seemed to be my key good health.

The time I spent with Wai Ching Lee was the most informative and mind blowing that I've yet to experience. I was sad to leave Singapore although I feel extremely lucky to have met her. The things she taught me are the kinds of things that a person never forgets. I look forward to the day that I will meet with her again and continue our experiments.

Now it's been years since that original meeting. Even though she is one of the most incredibly busy people that I know, she continues to make time for me. I am forever grateful. Thanks Wai, you're the Best!

I have decided to not include my name due to the sensitive nature of my story and my current line of work. If you have a sensitive situation that requires special attention then you can rest assured that you would be treated with the utmost respect.


My husband has known Wai Ching for a long time, but I met her by chance at an art exhibit recently. The minute we shook hands, Wai Ching picked up things that had been on my mind that no one knew about. Stuff I had playing in my head were somehow transmitted to her. I had been bothered about the energy at my house for a while. Not that I felt threatened or anything like that, but the energy just wasn't right and in particular my guest room bothered me most. Wai Ching picked this up immediately and I was just blown away! We spoke on the phone after that and organized a home & spiritual cleansing of our environment.

On the day of the cleansing, we really didn't know what to expect, but Wai Ching is just a very professional being that she is, made us understand what we were going to go through in such calm & matter of fact manner. Russel & I began with Wai Ching by cleansing our own aura and subsequently the house. We discovered where the energy was 'heavy' and dispelled that. The whole process was just very lifting and at the end of that, we felt our home and ourselves 'cleansed' and ready to start a fresh.

There are times when we don't have what it takes to recognize 'heavy' energy that burdens us. I believe that Wai Ching has some very special and unique gifts to really see and feel the energy around us. I would not hesitate to engage her assistance on such matters! I am sure that she is very talented in many other areas as well!

Judy Millar & Russel Wong
20 September 2005

I have had many sessions with dozens of healers over the past years and have
no hesitation to say that the one given by Wai=Ching was one of the best
I've ever experienced and with the most longevity.

Not only was the actual session very profound and deep with some beautiful insights but the actual physical problem that I was experiencing has not returned.

She is very present during her healing sessions.

Judy Chapman
Editor in Chief
Spa Asia Magazine
September 2005

I first heard of Wai Ching through a friend who had shattered his kneecap and was in extreme pain. This friend had no belief in alternative therapy and for months had rejected and pooh- poohed all my attempts to steer him towards alternative healing therapy. One day he told me that he met Wai Ching by chance in Singapore, and as soon as she put her hand on his knee, the pain disappeared. He was astounded and started going to her for treatment; eventually his knee healed completely and his previous contempt for alternative healing was replaced by a newfound respect. From the transformation in my friend, and I knew that Wai Ching must have exceptional healing gifts, though I never thought I would one day have my own "Wai Ching experience".

A couple of years later, all of us happened to be at a wellness conference in Thailand and I met Wai Ching for the first time. I was surprised to find how petite she is, because I had somehow expected someone which such healing "power" to be big and tall! I had come to the conference with only work on my mind, and had never expected to meet Wai Ching or have a session with her or any healer for that matter, but through the natural course of events, I ended up in a session with her.

Going into the session, I didn't know what she was going to do, but I just kept an open mind that Wai Ching could help clear up certain frustrations I was having at the time. I had been sluggish and had low energy for some time, and wanted to find a way to feel more energetic.

Through Wai Ching's energy healing work, the session helped clear out a load of mental and emotional tension that I had been holding in for a long time. She even was able to identify the source of my tension, which I was not even aware of myself. I came out of the session feeling dizzy but much lighter in mind a spirit, and very peaceful afterwards.

Wai Ching has a calm and reassuring presence, and during the session I felt completely at ease with her and trusted that she had the ability to help with whatever the problem was. She is a very wise soul and really has an innate intuitive gift for "knowing" where your problem areas are, and the power to heal it in her own unique and mystical way.

I'm glad I had the luck to meet her and since then, I've been recommending others to see her as well. It is a truly uplifting and eye-opening experience.

Chami Jotisalikorn
Bangkok, September 2005

After being diagnosed at SGH (Singapore General Hospital) with shingles on my right side of my torso I was recommended to try Wai Chings healing treatments.

Sceptically I met up with Wai Ching after work in Holland Village and we discussed what would work best and a series of 4 healing sessions was set up.

After the first treatment which involved no touching just focusing the light to the affected area I left feeling quite relaxed as though I had slept soundly for 8 hrs.

The next morning i noticed that the marks of the shingles had virtually disappeared.

They did re-emerge less severely a day or 2 later but the other 3 sessions cleared them up for good.

From a sceptic to a believer, all in 4 sessions.

Will Bright
November 2001
Resident of Singapore

I'm still feeling strong and empowered after your
treatment in Bangkok, and a few days after I got back
to Beijing, I conducted my own meditation that was
very powerful and interesting.

An old friend commented that I look thinner and
younger, so I hope that the fat is starting to roll

MK, Beijing

I met Wai Ching at the SpaAsia Wellness Summit in Thailand in August 2006. I was there as part of the media and I wanted to interview her for an article on holistic therapies. When I first read her profile in my media kit, I regarded her as a a Qi Gong teacher. Nothing more. But five minutes into the interview and I knew she was so much more than that. She spoke from a core of serenity, gentleness, quiet strength, wisdom and most of all, spirituality. As our two hour conversation drew to a close, she invited me to 'attend her Qi Gong class the next morning and see what happens.' I had already scheduled myself for a Tai Chi class, but intrigue convinced me to cancel that in favour of hers.

At 6am the next day, 15 of us gathered in the hotel grounds. Wai Ching stood in the middle, instructed us to face in the direction that felt right for us and close our eyes. She led us through a guided meditation but within a minute of closing my eyes, I felt a gentle tingling behind both my arms. Then I felt my arms rising on their own. They were completely relaxed, fingers and elbows hanging, supported by the same tingling. I knew it wasn't my imagination and I knew it was the chi or energy force. Even as I marvelled, invisible fingers gently closed around my wrists and pulled my arms behind me. My shoulders and chest flew open and my back arched into a delicious backbend. It was wonderful! I felt completely free, joyous even! I knew with Wai Ching there was nothing to fear.

Wai Ching gave me a spectacular experience, one that I will never forget. I have no doubt that she can do exactly what other people claim she can in terms of healing and cleansing. Wai Ching allowed me a taste of her gifts. More importantly, she allowed me a glimpse into my future. I will always be grateful for that.

Stephanie Santa Maria
September 2006

‘I pronounce you ‘MASTER’ Lee Wai-Ching’

Unfortunately in the west the word or term ‘master’ is under a great deal of abuse, strain and misuse. We have therapy courses where you can become a master in couple of weeks or even 3 weekends, and unqualified and inexperienced people claiming mastery of many things.

However everyone knows that true mastery takes a life time to master! Or many life times if that is your belief.

But very rarely the mould is broken by a truly gifted person who has had the luck to have trained by the correct people, who has had the natural intelligence to absorb the information on the correct levels, who has balanced the information and added further enhancements, who has kept the correct life perspective to give and heal, who has managed to control the human desires for fame and wealth keeping both feet firmly attached to mother earth.

A true ‘master’ is someone who knows their own space and their position in that space. They do not get changed or moved from their path by external influences. They are a rock that draws you in if your heart is clean and they give you a foundation to lift your own life by what they say and what they do. They will teach you everything they know without hesitation so that you can one day be even better than them and make them proud.

Some masters talk to a thousand people and every single one of those thousand people believes they are talking and looking directly at them. They manage to touch and communicate with us on levels we didn’t even know we had or could feel. The growth and influence this can have on the students lives can be inspiring, as always the new masters come from the new students, and life moves on.

Lee Wai-Ching has the presence to captivate before she even moves, her communication is always on your level no matter what your level is, through delicate words of encouragement she draws you in to the best Qi Gung energy building I have ever experienced across the world, and while she is building and adapting the energy she constantly explains the whys and hows so you become part of your own experience.

Lee Wai-Ching’ s Qi Gung absorbs and uses the motility of the universal energies that exist around us, she seems to blend relaxed dance like movements with the traditional raising and falling of your breath and energy in a synergy of opening, growing and clearing movements.

Her Qi Gung is based on free movement which resonates with energy flow, it isn’t stuck in slow traditional postures, you are never stood wrong or out of time, however there is always room for improvement and practice. Some of the very traditional styles demand hard set positions to be adhered to, but her style creates flow and movement that just seems so naturally correct and right.
She is a credit and blessing on the world and deserves the title of ‘Master’

Unbelievable & Breath taking!

Dr. John Brazier, a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, an Oriental medicine practitioner, a western complementary medicine practitioner, an expert advisor on complementary medicine, an 8th Dan black belt of Budo Taijustsu, a national Karate champion and a master of body balance.

I have trained all over the world with masters, future masters and time wasters who claim everything and deliver nothing. Always listen to your guts and you will see, hear and feel the true masters from your own growth.

Lee Wai-Ching is truly gifted, welcome to the world of mastery.

For this entire period, I concentrated only on positive, good thoughts, and refused to think of anything negative. A lot of it was repetitive, but then it was as if I was floating in an eggshell and as a chick had broken open the

In looking out, it was all black, and slowly I started to drift out into this space or void. I was completely illuminated as if my entire body radiated light. You were with me.

Now, I have NEVER had these kinds of thoughts before.


(long distance healing)

I went to Lee Wai Ching for treatment for a knee injury. I'm not quite sure what she does, and the details aren't important, but whatever magic transpired she made a real difference to my knee health, and did so with elegance, charm, and constant good humour. A few days later I was able to play golf again, an unexpectedly-quick recovery. (Now if she can do something about my slice I will acknowledge true magic.) Wai Ching is a good witch, une jolie sorciere, a shape shifter. She is a great gift.

Paul Spencer Sochaczewski
I was curious to find a leaflet entitled 'Inner Journeys Meditation with Art , with Wai- Ching Lee' when I visited the Singapore Art Museum. I am happy that I followed my instinct and enrolled for my last evening in Singapore.'

Wai Ching is a beautiful guide. Within seconds of meeting we were old friends, talking freely. There was nothing to wade through, she was my sister, mother and confidante already, before we met, it seems.

An invigorating start to a golden windfall for me - Wai Ching all to myself for two hours. As we wandered into the S.A.M Art Gallery I felt a rare confidence in my own intuition and a license to trust it.

We sat in front of my chosen piece, a surprise to me already, its subject being a stern old man, and began a meditation. What followed was a soft descent into my most problematic feelings and ideas, gently nudged about my Wai Ching’s words, I could explore them with fresh eyes and a strong heart.

She achieved a balance of full presence and dignified distance which allowed me to experience, many times, that delicious feeling of hearing myself speak out thoughts that I didn’t know I had. A true and powerfully simple form of healing.

Thank you Wai Ching.

Sophie Jane Mortimer
English Teacher
August, 2006

I first met Lee Wai Ching about 6 or 7 years ago, after reading a very interesting and enlightening book, “Discussions with my spirit guide” written by a Singaporean, Ms. Betty Khoo. Interested, I initially e-mailed to Ms. Khoo, and at the meeting other people also came, among which Lee Wai Ching, and also another good friend of mine, Balakrishnan Matchap, and ex-trainer, now a yoga teacher.

In time I started sessions with Lee Wai Ching, and sometimes I began “seeing” various images, which I tried to draw as accurately as possible (when I had time). Also, at other sessions we started interpreting my dreams, as in that period (during 1999) I had quite a large number of very vivid and interesting dreams. Only much later, and also thanks to the work conducted with Lee Wai Ching, it became clear that I was in a phase of change. The sessions with Lee Wai Ching brought a deeper understanding of what was going on with myself and in my Life, clarified many issues, helped be to See clearer what was supposed to be the next step, and allowed me to formulate my Grand Plan. My life indeed changed, and among others I also changed my job. This also showed me how important it is for us to sometimes just sit down, forget the rat race, and just spend a moment to get in touch with our Self… And, of course, I still keep drawing my dreams, IF they are vivid enough, and if I have time, although lately life has been quite hectic (Hmmm…, maybe I should pretty soon get back to my good habits instilled by Wai Ching …)

While our dream interpreting-related sessions still continued after that period (although not so often, as now –interestingly- the number of ‘strong’ dreams has abruptly decreased), other sessions were devoted to Healing. Many times I was very drained, tired, sometimes a little sick. I remember distinctly one time, in early Dec.2003, when we had a session, and she sensed that I wasn’t well, as due to the stress and tiredness my left eye was irritated. Lee Wai Ching decided it definitely must be a Healing session, and during it I literally “felt” how the… energy? Health? … was ‘flowing’ and filling in the ‘hole’ that I had been feeling at the level of my left eye. The unbalance between the two eyes was gradually dissappearing, and by the second day it was gone. I was really impressed and amazed.

And I was always impressed of Wai Ching’s constant fight against all odds even when life wasn’t always smiling at her, how she always found time not only for me but for other people and still find time to do other work –like charity-related work- as well. She shows us that we should not forget about ourselves and about others, and try to help us and others, even if only from time to time, and if only with just a small bit… Let’s always keep in touch with each other, to help, support and grow together.

So if you need either a counselor, or a dream helper to guide yourself towards finding the meaning of your dreams, or if you are in need of healing (emotionally, or physically), or if you can contribute even a little bit to helping others in charity-related actions, then Lee Wai Ching is the ideal person. I hope we can always have her among us!

Dr. Daniel Poenar

AmaLia Wai Ching Lee is quite a master, I learned so much in a condensed but intensive training program. I was fortunate to receive this gift from her.

My personal improvement, quite amazingly was noticed by other people. In fact, one of my aquatic massage instructors commented on the noticeable improvement in core strength and balance I had gained since she had last worked with me (less than four months time). I believe that this improvement was gained by simply practicing techniques (as consistently as I could remember) that I learned during my sessions with AmaLia .

I will always have much gratitude for the benefits to my body, mind and spirit from these Qi Gong techniques.

Mary Denton
Registered Nurse, World Aquatic Bodyworkers Association (WABA) Certification in Aquatic Massage, Owner of H2O Harmony, Tucson, Arizona USA

Like taking an Entheogen

Working with AmaLia is quite like taking an entheogen...

In the vortex, she creates the previous parameters of one’s reality blur.

And the recognition of oneness with Life, of Self as Divinity happens. 

She has the magical powers that create energetic virtual realities. 

When the spell is cast, vistas of other worlds come into being and healing powers are activated. 

I feel as if this is the type of healing humanity previously underwent and one in which we would be wise to return.

Erik Gladish
USA/Bali September 2009

Smoking Cessation, Ease in Menstrual Pain

I never thought I could really quit smoking before I met Miss Wai Ching at a friend's house in Sanur. She radiates warmth, a very calming and comforting energy since the first time I met her.

She offered me a help to stop the habit with just a session with her. It was a great experience, a session of meditation with her at Sanur beach the next morning.

I can't really describe a kind of energy flow in my body that morning. It was one hour session and by the time it's done it felt I was only doing it for only 10 minutes. The bright and positive energy afterwards stays the whole day and I couldn't wait for another session with her the next day.

I usually smoke averagely a pack of cigarette a day. When I had pressuring deadlines It can be 2 packs a day.

Later that day after the first session, I felt an urge to smoke while I was working on my computer so I lit a cigarette but it surprised me that it didn't feels right on my breath or my body just resisting it, so I put it off. After that I don't feel much urge to smoke anymore, whenever i lit one it doesn't feels right on my body anymore, It just my hands still remembering the program of lighting a cigarette I've installed for years.

When I return to Jakarta all my friends and co-workers are surprised and asked me how I managed not to smoke anymore. so I told them about meditation session with Miss Wai Ching in Bali. My co-workers were actually asking me to ask her to come and give them the same session at the office in Jakarta so they all can quit smoking too.

Now, I'm no longer buy my pack of cigarette but to be honest, I still lit some of my friend's cigarette occasionally because my hands somehow still accustom to it even though my body is resisting the smoke.

I realize the root of my addiction to smoking habit was many fears which now I learn can be neutralized by being focused, aligned and grounded with the earth.

Other than that I found practicing the basic principles of Infinity Qi gong that Wai Ching taught me also helps my mood, my energy, and my menstrual pains. I had terrible cramps one day over my menstrual cycle and I just put myself sitting align with the earth as Wai Ching taught me, breathe, and release the pain to the ground and almost as instantly as I breathe out the pain fades 

Cecil Mariani

Fertility Vision

AmaLia, took me on a beautiful journey, where I saw many beautiful things, that gave me confidence that a child was on its way to me.

As I laid down and took in her instructions of relaxing and being one with everything, I first saw a pink lotus and a red-orange rose next to me. (Later AmaLia, told me that this is the symbol of Kuan Yin and Mother Mary)

Then whirls of flowers started whirling around my belly, first slowly then faster and faster and yet faster, till a spiral formed that was going upwards into a huge umbilical cord and up towards the heaven.

As I followed AmaLia's instructions I saw a baby Buddha like child. My own critical voice came up, saying I cannot have such a child, when so many others are suffering. Immediately a big Buddha-like hand "came" in from the side and pointed at the child again, as if saying "yes you can and here it is" I let go of the thought and the flowers kept whirling around with the child in the middle.

Later AmaLia asked me what had happened before in this life or in a previous life regarding children, that might have stopped me in having a child in this life.

I saw old historical scenes of poverty, torture, nastiness, a big scary wolf and of being persecuted for what I believed in.

I let go of this and brought in some softening of my soul. Pink and orange colours and water snow crystals came, and it became peaceful again. There as a bridge from somewhere civilized to some deep green lush jungle area, as if I was stepping into the

AmaLia asked what wisdom I would tell myself, regarding my body and what to eat that was best for the pregnancy and the baby. I saw roses and lotuses around me again and the wisdom given was to love my body, love it with gratitude, then I saw "pain" that was in my body was leaving me on big wings.

What is good to eat? she asked and I immediately replied "soft boiled eggs." Other things good to eat were carrots, beet, and red rice and to love the food that I ate and give thanks.

Dr. Irene Hage

I wrote that I had having this problem since 2006 year, all doctors advised me antibiotics but my pain came back again and again. I met with you in September 2009, we were talking a little bit and you asked me about violence from the my partners. I told that my ex-boyfriend had beaten me.

After this you started session. I told about this incident in details and about all my partnerships.

On next day I had no pain and I continued meditation.

After several days pain is gone.

When I came back in Moscow I felt myself perfect and healthy.

Amalia Thank you very much!

Ekaterina Kozina
September 2009

Synchronos- Message from Spirit

I had the good fortune of meeting Wai Ching Lee prior to the workshop at Bali Spirit Festival in a chance encounter exemplifying the beautiful nature of synchronicity!

That very morning I had been meditating alone with the intent of connecting to my earth star, thus when circumstances led to Wai Ching Lee being an impromptu dining companion(& very lovely one at that) & business cards exchanged, imagine my delight at the realization that Earth Star is the name that Wai Ching Lee works under!

Any confusion that I had previously held in relation to the option of choice for workshop’s scheduled for that particular morning dissipated & I now had clarity as to which one I would attend.

It was a glorious morning in Ubud& Wai Ching Lee led the group through a moving meditation Infinite Qi Gong after a short introduction.

The moving meditation is an intensely personal journey that is conducted in a group session. I have the feeling that it is the type of healing that whatever you put into it, you will get out of it For me I felt an immense connection to the universe & all that is, I felt bathed & immersed with unconditional love…It was joyous & deeply moving & led to a clear understanding of my Divine Contract and the inner workings of this incarnation.It peeled back layers of duality & enabled me to see clearly. It led to amazing realizations & insight into my own lesson’s & life purpose.

Transforming, absolutely…the ripples of attending Infinity Qi Gong, will be felt for many lifetimes..  I am very keen to do some more…when do you come to Australia Wai Ching Lee???, This is something I wish to share with all I know”

Mandi Nelson Cherish Film Production
April 16, 2010

Sprained ankle healed and strengthened with qi gong

In early September of 2009, I twisted my left ankle deeply, the result of which was intense discomfort when walking, dancing, standing for periods of time; requiring much attention to the healing process. I spent 6 weeks in Bali, hostessing a series of programs and had the pleasure of spending three days in Wai Ching's presence. The standing sequences of her Infinite Quantum Qi Gong practice helped me rebuild the strength in my ligaments. Her warmth, humor and knowledge were invaluable to me as a woman, and as a student of the healing arts. Abundant Thanks and Blessings, Ellen

Ellen Watson
Aug, 2010

Great relief and Healing

I have known Wai Ching for many years and have had the pleasure and benefit of several healing sessions from her. As a kinesiology practitioner and Reiki Master, I am familiar with healing modalities and I am amazed by the energy that is channeled through this beautiful being.

She is an inspiration and I have had great relief and healing from her. I would not hesitate to recommend her, without reservation.

She is a light worker who is constantly and tirelessly working to bring healing and transformation that is so badly needed during these times.

Sohana Bohlool
Bali, 2010

Business Matrix Work

‘It was a remarkable experience – like crossing the Rubicon – things have certainly moved inexorably forward since I met Amalia!’

Marvin Yeo
August, 2010

Gastro intestinal Issues

Since the year of 2006 up to present year of 2010, various gastrointestinal related issues gradually made me uncomfortable to very uncomfortable. I feel like a huge toad in clothes during classes in my university days due to intense episodes of gases and non-stop burping. To the point I had to devise a burp management method in class so others are not distracted.

Thus, I decided to seek medical specialists and family doctors to seek a cure. Unfortunately, my experience with doctors from professional medical care is a huge disappointment because root causes cannot be accurately diagnosed by most of them. My family doctors keep telling me the cause of gases and burping is a problem of reflux. However, they have not done any detailed analysis or recommendation of diet changes for me. I have done blood tests, stool tests, more blood tests, and prescribed medications for symptoms. At one point I was recommended to do a heart CT scan for my heart by a specialist heart doctor, but later a person-in-charge of the scan gave me a hint telling me I am too young to be doing such scans. The advice from this specialist is that it’s safe to scan, but in actual fact, the real danger lies in extremely high radiation exposure. CT scans emits 300 doses of concentrated X-Rays which damages and kill cells. I took the hint and cancelled the entire procedure sensing the dangers of working with scans. The best part is he told me he is used to people canceling the procedures. 

After hitting so many walls with various specialist and doctors who cannot recommend me a solution to my discomfort, I gave up hope on trusting them to care for my health, and went on to seek alternative therapies available in the market.

Out of the blue, as I carried these discomforts with me in the midst of seeking, I met Wai Ching by chance. Intuitively, I sensed she has a lot of experience in the field of alternative therapy and decided to entrust my health with her. Since then I have never regretted my decision.

Her deep experience and knowledge in detecting various problems I have with my health brought my discomforts to an end. It does not end here, she pin-pointed the root cause of where dis-ease related to various emotional issues are and relieved the manifestation.

A few days post-session with Wai Ching, I felt vast improvements where discomfort used to plague my body. My mood improved and I am living a life of experience that I wished I had before.

Another miracle is when she detected I have a lot of difficulty with my expression due to my throat chakra giving me loads of obstacles in communication. With her unique skills in healing, Wai Ching did for me what I could never have imagined.

She healed my throat area and the next day at a dinner gathering with friends, people started to talk to me automatically and I had such an enjoyable time sharing and talking! This to me is a tremendous gift to my life experience as I can relate and express myself far better than before the session.

Words cannot describe my deep felt appreciation for what Wai Ching had done for me which you will come to understand after a meaningful and beautiful session with her.

August, 2010

Asthma Healing

I was diagnosed with asthma when I was 9 years old. I didn't know at the time why it struck me exactly at that point in my life, but it's clear to me now; there was tension between my parents, which they tried to hide from my younger sister and I. Well, apparently we sensed it, because my little sister also developed asthma shortly after I did.

Just thinking about those times ignites something inside me and I can already feel my body tensing up trying to withstand the urges to panic from the mere thought of shortened breath again. I don't remember every detail but I recall instances where I had to be hospitalized from attacks and had to be put on medication and machines to breathe for me. All throughout high school and on to college my condition was off and on and it was maintained with several types of inhalers and, in some instances, steroids.

It wasn't until I graduated, returned home to my forgotten reality, and re-entered the steadily changing workforce that my condition would "mic-check" me once again. First into the ER in Maryland for four days following a gig in D.C. for Bill Clinton's staff, in which immediately after, I was supposed to catch a plane to LA for another gig the next night. Needless to say, my workload was spreading me a bit thin. With a reattempt 2 months later, I found myself arriving in LA this time only to be rushed to Cedar Sinai four hours later after a brief encounter with my friend's cats. At that point, I figured it was time to make some obvious lifestyle changes. So when I got back to DC, I quit smoking, moved my cat to my mom's, and moved out of the basement apartment I was renting, which turned out to be a breeding ground for fungus and mildew because it was underground.

From that point until last year,2009, when I met Wai-Ching, I was on a steady diet of Advair (steroid inhaler) twice a day and Ventolin here and there.
All my life pretty much, breathing has been somewhat of an issue. After one session with Wai-Ching meditation and breathing exercises, the asthma was completely eliminated! I could instantly feel the difference. It was almost as if nothing had actually occurred, I was simply…breathing. It's been a year since I had the session and have not used any medication since.

Never had it occurred to me the impact it would have on my condition as a result of my parents not getting along behind closed doors at such a young age. Wai-Ching pointed out the fact that the younger one is, the more susceptible he or she is to the energies of his or her surroundings and environment. I sensed the tension between my parents and manifested it physiologically, then carried it with me in my system as I grew older.

This along with stress from past relationships, allergic reactions, and diet all contributed to the intensity of my asthma at particular points in my life.
After these points were made clear to me and I could lay them out in front of me, it was only a matter of clearing out old energy, bringing in new light, and adjusting my lifestyle not only as a measure of preventive maintenance, but also as a means to strengthen, reassess, and fortify.

Taking the step towards healing with Wai-Ching helped me to redefine my approach towards life and brought on a whole new outlook on how I will see things from now on.

Malik Lomax

True holistic solutions

We first met at an Argentinean bbq eight years ago at what was a real low point in my life, having just suffered a second marriage breakup.

From that point on, our relationship on both a professional and personal level, she has always delivered tangible benefit through the power of positive thinking and deep perception that Wai Ching is able to bring to the treatment of both physical and mental trauma.

Forever exploring the boundaries and validating the authenticity of new treatments, like no-one else I know, she ensures her clients are exposed to the most appropriate truly holistic solutions to their problems.

Leonard Seales
Jan, 2011

Neck imbalance healed with one Infinity Qi Gong session

I had the privilege of being introduced by Wai Ching to Chi Gong. I had no expectations. To my surprise, I discovered that the tensions in my neck that drive me to the chiropractor every week, dissolved with simple breath work and her guided meditations. Her strong yet elfin spirit, coupled with her beauty, grace and wisdom brought me into real contact with my body and utterly surprised me with the power of simple awareness, breath and trust.

Jeff Kline
Chairman, Hispanic Communications Network
Washington, DC, Bali
May 8, 2011

Journey into the Matrix

I first met Wai Ching in Bali in 2009, I was immediately drawn to her and her Goddess energy of light.

I attended her workshop ‘Dreaming the Beloved’ in Ubud, which was profound, playful and enlightening.

Through meditation, movement, creative writing and drawing, Wai Ching took us through an exploration of ourselves and the universal energies.

She facilitated and guided my journey into the matrix, which was a truly amazing experience, bringing me to a greater understanding of what is. The Divine, the pure, the known and the unknown.

Since then I have had the pleasure of knowing Wai Ching as a dear friend and sister.
I have witnessed her healing energies, love and compassion for all of those who cross her path.

Susie Mooratoff
Susie Mooratoff Pty/Ltd, Fashion Designer, Yoga Instructor, Author
July 2011

Past Life Causation of  Falls

During the past 8 months I had three serious accidental falls in which I had been experiencing continuous excruciating headaches and dizziness.

I was blessed to have encountered Ama Lia’s intuitive healing guidance. Through her gentle touch and guided voice, and energy work, I was able to become aware of my own past lives discovering the origins of my past falls, hoping to stop the damaging patterns. I went through some intense emotional releases.

 I didn’t have to tell her anything.  She intuitively knew and her expertise hands did the healing.

I also had previous injuries to my knees, wrists and hands due to falls. Ama Lia addressed those areas as she pin-pointed them with her fingers and massaged the areas that were painful.

I returned to a very calm, peaceful state. 

My headaches and dizziness ceased to exist! The swelling in my ankles, and pain in the knees were gone!

What an awesome experience! And this took only two hours without anything invasive!

Can you imagine that?!! Ama Lia is beyond amazing!

Rachelle Neher  M,Ed,L.M.T.
Cleveland Hts.,Ohio
September, 2011

When I met Ama Lia Wai-Ching Lee, a few years ago, I was in the pits of despair. I asked for a healing and that is exactly what I got. She is very connected to Spirit and has a gentle fierceness about her. When I left the session I felt like the Light had returned to my Life once again. I highly recommend her to help you along your Life path.

Isis Starr Burlesque Legend and Performance Artiste
San Francisco