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Lee Wai Ching

Therapeutic Modalities
Holistic Health Counseling
Movement Therapy
Infinity StarFlower Qi-Gong
Flow Lightbodywork
Transformational Breath Activation
Crystal and Colour Therapy
Auramatherapy with Oils and Essences
Sonic and Vibrational Healing


Holistic Creative Concept
Ambience Design
Space Clearing & Blessing
Spa and Wellness Consulting
Culinary Arts Consulting
Ecology and Environmental Education
Healing Arts Community Programme

The principal is Lee Wai Ching, an intuitive healer descended from a lineage of natural physicians on the paternal and maternal sides. She is a U.S. qualified Holistic Healthcare Counsellor and somatic Bodywork Therapist. In her personal evolution she synthesizes artistic and creative expressions of painting, poetry writing with healing modalities of vibrational medicine as flower essences, chromatherapy (colour), crystal therapy, sonar (sound) therapy, aromatherapy, massotherapy, transpersonal breathwork and transpersonal psychology.

Movement, postures, ideokinesis and breathwork from the traditions of Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Yoga and Dance and world & celestial music are offered for somatic (mind-body) re-education and transformation on a cellular level.

Wai Ching synthesized and developed StarFlower Qi Gong, a form of energy cultivation and alignment exercises with an emphasis on spinal flexibility, strength and transformative health.

She offers counselling, healing & coaching guidance to gain insight, clarity and direction. Life is experienced and expressed as a learning and creative process.

Appointments may be on a per session basis or as a long-term transformational process. Each session is approached with respect for the individual's needs and intentions for better health, growth, optimal potentialization and equilibrium. All, or some of the above modalities will be integrated during the sessions.

Source: Her World

She will also refer to other specialist practitioners and medical physicians in the interest and well-being of the client.

She colloborates with the medical profession in the field of Integrated Medicine and is an Associate Member of the Association of Women Doctors.

She was on the Organising Committee for the International Womens's Day Art Exhibit in April. 1999 at the Notices Gallery of the Four Seasons Hotel. She also participated as an artist with a mixed media painting called "Remembrance of the Divine Feminine".

She was also Holistic Concept consultant to the Turning Point Gallery conducting regular meditation, movement and creativity sessions and to the Opera Gallery integrating aromatherapy and art.

Her recent work in Singapore includes teaching somatics and qi gong to 21 women in the Ministry of Defense.

She is also a committee member of UNIFEM & Representative of Biodynamics Association of Australia, also a Member of The Northern California Association of Sound Healers. She is also available for space purification and blessings.

She has also been involved in catalysing and organising events, seminars, projects and has been featured in publications, television and video presentations in support of the arts, organic and sustainable agriculture and the culinary arts both in the U.S. and Singapore.