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Sacred Sensuality

The intention of the mind, heart, touch and the guided direction of energy through the body is foundational to the art of controlling creative energy for rejuvenation and well-being.

Primal energy intrinsic in the breath and in the cellular structure is activated and awakened. It is transduced into the energy pathways and energy centres into the nervous system, nourishing organs, muscles and fascia, bone through the fluids of blood and lymph, serving as aqueous conduit of energy.

Symbolically, the human body is a manifestation of a sacred geometrical calculation based on coherent mathematical formulae called sacred geometry. Humans are to evolve physically through dimensions of thoughts, feelings and experiences. The information we gather as experience is said to be pulses of light and link celestial and terrestial realities, our transpersonal and personal selves. Our bodies are physical transducers of energies - cosmic, primal, environmental, personal and soul vibrations.

Conscious breath is the most fundamental way of connecting the different densities of energy and the various aspects of our selves. The flow of inbreath and outbreath can be used to calibrate energy flow and effect. With the practice of transformational breathing, energy exchange on a pure level could bring forth sensations of bliss and ecstasy…described as a cosmic union.


This simple and effective technique encapsulates the essence of the tantric or unionising practice of this inward meditation, which manifests externally into spontaneous sensations and movement. This meditation may be practised during single or double cultivation.
Single cultivation is when one is alone and double cultivation is with another.

Cycle 1

Be in a restful place, preparing oneself to have a sacred experience. The attitude would be one of open-ness, serenity and respect.

A warm, soothing and safe ambience may be created for comfort and creativity.

In a position that allows further exploration both in the consciousness and physically, begin by being aware of the breath. Notice the natural flow of the air through the nostrils into the nasal passage, into the lungs, expanding to its natural capacity. Exhale naturally, observing the pattern and rhythm of the release.

Continue to breathe at a natural pace, observing any changes in the depth and quality of each breath.

Just focusing in this manner and intention is a complete exercise in itself.

Cycle 2

To deepen the breath, count in the inhalation to eight beats. Hold for eight counts. Then release for eight.

Concentrate not on the count but to the symbol of the 8 which is the universal symbol of Infinity. The symbol will activate the innate balancing of the left and right brain.

The left brain is generally responsible for the linear, mathematical, logical, aspects and the right brain for the spatial, artistic, creative, visual aspects. This visualisation will bring the two brain functions to more harmony. The effects on the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system is that this will enhance the functioning of the physical body's reflexes and heighten sensate abilities.

Metaphorically and energetically, the feminine (yin, shakti, anima) and masculine (yang, shiva, animus) aspects of the person becomes more integrated, leading to a sense of balance and well-being.

Cycle 3

Visualise breathing in a vision of lightstreams of any colour and intensity into the nostrils.

Allow this light to suffuse the heart and the lungs, imagining the light filling up the lungs and then being distributed to all parts of the body through the bloodstream.

If you are not making contact with the light, just imagine and intend the air/oxygen/light flowing and flushing through.

Allow the light to suffuse all the organs. From the heart and lungs, to the liver and gallbladder, the stomach, spleen and pancreas, to the large and small intestines, the bladder and sexual organs.

Explore each section as long and thoroughly as much as possible, suffusing every cell with light. Notice if there a colours or areas of darkness, or symbols or images, or insights. There may be sensations of pain or contraction.
Release the tension with each breath. Gently coax it out of the body. Guide the stagnant energy to move out of the body, disappearing into space.

Sensing and staying still and attuned to the body is more effective than following a technique.

Cycle 4

Let the energy flow to the arms and the legs. Enjoy bathing in the light, being surrounded by a cloud of gentle protection and warmth.

One might begin to visualise a network or lattice of light running in a grid in the body and outside the body.

Allow the grid to form and reform naturally.

Cycle 5

One could visualise a line of energy from the nose down the front of the body as a line in the centre. This line runs to the genitals around the perineum between the genitals and the anus and up the spine, through the nect and round the head to the nose.

Keep breathing and sending the energy around this circuit.

Cycle 6

This time, place the tip of the tongue on the palate (roof) of the mouth and
contract the perineum, the area between the genitals and the anus

Pulse the light up the spine with the mind.

At the heart centre, allow an expansion of the light to surround and spiral within and around the body.

Allow an easy flow of the light to ascend to the throat centre.

Allow the spirals or any movement of the energy to expand and increase.

Allow the waves of energy to explode upwards like a fountain of light, following the light as far as it would go

Allow a natural cascading downward flow throughout the front of the body again

Repeat the biocircuitary of energy flow vitalizing, energizing and nourishing the energy and physical dimensions.

Cycle 7

The endocrine glands will correspond with the major vortices of energy. The deep relaxation and physiological effect of the visualisation will balance the functions of the endocrine glands affecting the emotions.

As you naturally follow the flow of the light, notice the emotions that arise. Experience each emotion fully and deeply, even though some may be sad, or painful or disturbing. You may feel impatient or angry. Whatever negative emotions arise, allow yourself to observe and experience them completely. You may even intend the transformation of these emotions and witness the shifts to lighter feelings .

The waves of happiness, joy, fun, ecstasy and bliss could equally be as intense.

Only by entering into each experience will sensitivity be heightened. This exercise puts one in touch with sensations of the physical body and feelings and hence, heighten the experience of orgasm.

It is during these moments of continued ecstasy, with increased intentional breath,,,that spontaneous self-orgasms occur without physical stimulation.

This is the movement of the creative energy in tandem with intention and spirit through the breath.

Cycle 8

These sensations may be guided up from the genitals into the navel, the solar plexus between the navel and the ribcage, the heart, the throat area, into the face and into the brain and up beyond the head.

This flow of energy follows the balancing, opening, purification and vivification of the energy centres known as "chakras" in the Sanskrit.

At times, the breath takes over with spontaneous movements throughout the body.

Each of the chakra corresponds with a state of being and consciousness. It is the increase and rise of the energy through all the chakras that is considered the "tantra" in "tantric" sensuality practices. The feeling of extreme pleasure and connectedness occurs as the different states of being become aligned and integrated. This is the healing and wholeness of the sexual exchange.

Double cultivation

The couple sit themselves in front of each other. Either with no physical contact or in embrace.

The tongues may or may not be in contact.

The genitals may or may not be in contact.

The same single cultivation is then practised with another.

For most people, sexual union is the time of feeling the most connected with our original essence. The ego is released , the body takes over, and there is natural return to balance by letting go of control. The loss of control which is parallel to the loss of control in transformational work is the key to the experience of the spiritual nature of self.

The attraction and attachment to the sensual pleasure is a natural impulse to reconnect with our selves. Babies and young children exploring their sensate selves are a wonder to watch. The innocence and depth of wonder light up in their eyes. Love of the self takes us home to original joy and not original sin.

These simplistic correspondances are outlines of complex systems of their own. When studied in tandem, they provide invaluable insights into the holistic health of the individual.


Energy vortices- Physical - Endocrinal Correspondances - Emotional Consciouness

Chakra 1 - Base of Spine - Sacral/Adrenal Glands - Security and connection with the world

Chakra 2 - Sexual Organs - Leydig Gland - Creativity and Sexuality

Chakra 3 - Solar Plexus- Adrenals - The personality and ego.

Chakra 4 - Heart - Thymus - The portal to Higher Consciousness

Chakra 5 - Throat - Thyroid - Communication and Communion

Chakra 6 - Forehead - Pineal - Intuition

Chakra 7- Crown -Pituitary - Spiritual Connection