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Temple Dance - Transformational Dance Therapy

The human body is the temple and template of the Soul. It is a chalice of the subtle energies of emotions and thoughts that exist in the bone, muscles and all tissue of the human body.There exists within the human being, multi-dimensional correspondances of memory and experience. We carry that patterning with us throughout our lives, shaped by sensorial and perceived input and reactions. Some of the experiences may be described as pleasurable and some as wounding.

The Magic and Mystery of Movement

In the universal dance with the rhythms of life we connect with the memory patterning and beyond…to self realisation , freedom and bliss. In The Awakening of who we are, we enjoy greater flexibility, openess, expansion and awareness in our daily llives. Living with Passion and Compassion.Be more of who we truly feel ouselves to be. We are…… Dancing the Dream Awake Dancing with the Universe

Danceformation Tranceformation Transformation