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Flow Bodywork - Vibrational Massage

Using the natural resonance of vibrations in the atmosphere and the energies of the body that form the energetic pathways in the body known as meridians. They are invisible lines of energy streams in wavelike forms, and are well documented in their existence in traditional and modern scientific research. The basis of Oriental medicine and acupuncture is the regulated flow of the chi energy through the energy portals or meridian points.

It involves gentle rhythmic pulsing of the body to restore harmony, rhythm and release stagnant energy. Using the infinity symbol as the guiding image of the chi waves, the interweaving lattice of light within and around the body, also known as the aura of the etheric body. Arriving at the centerpoint of the figure eight balances and integrates the two hemispheres of the brain and other dimensions of perception.



Deeply relaxing, integrating, expansion and restoring of the natural rhythm of the breath. Administered either on land or in the water.

Begins with a harmonizing of breath and intention and desire. Then an inward process of deepening into emotional depths of one's being. Practitioner places one hand on the heart and one on the navel to bring focus to these two major energy centers, it soothes the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous systems. Effective in lymphatic drainage.

*picture credit: Aundry

Infinity Star-Flower - Qi Gong

Regenerate, Rejuvenate, Rejoice.

A sensuous, gentle style of energy cultivation that enhances and focuses inner spiritual potential.

Simple, effective exercises for the mind, heart and body...

...Balance subtle energy centres.
...Balance hormonal functioning.
...Harmonise spirit, breath, body & mind.
...Facilitate the flow of cerebral-spinal fluid.
...Promote flexibility & strength of the spine.

Meditation in Motion

The flower is the universal symbol of the unfolding of the soul.
In eastern traditions, the Lotus is the symbol of self-realisation.
In western traditions, it is the Rose.

Star-flower Qi Gong is an exploration of the sacred geometry of the body. It is an ancient spiritual art, synthesized with modern scientific knowledge, that allows practitioners to harness the celestial & terrestial energies within themselves, and to act as both mediator & transmitter to balance spirit and matter - yin & yang.

It is a set of accelerated, profoundly therapeutic, techniques which together promote awareness and self-healing, and brings forth the spiritual gifts which define who we are.