Dear friends, do join us in body and spirit  to enjoy an evening of poetry, music and movement  in a beautiful gallery of inspirational art.
                                                                          Interpret your own dreams and portents.  Awake.

  May Peace Prevail on Earth,

  Wai- Ching


Singapore's First Poetry Performance Ensemble
4 Crying Out Loud
Singapore Tyler Print Institute
Dreams and Portents
"Beware the Ides of March"

Rome, 44 BC 15 March:  Julius Caesar was assassinated. The day before, omens or portents of ill-augur such as unusual dreams, a lioness giving birth in the street, gravestones up-ending,  visions of ghosts and murder as the sky rained down blood were observed by Calpurnia, the wife of Julius Caesar in Shakespeare's play.



March 14, 8.15pm, Singapore Tyler Print Institute,
Level 2, 41 Robertson Quay
Admission free: donations encouraged
                                                             An evening

                                           of poetry, music and movement


                                      of contemporary dreams and portents

                                         about international world events,

                                                        Singaporean life

                                  and strange forces at work in the human mind.



                                                     4 Crying Out Loud


                                        Richard A. Lord   Chris Mooney-Singh  Julyan Perry  Yong Shu Hoong



                                                                    Guest artists

                                                                             (as the seers)


Lee Wai Ching




The audience will select ‘Portent Cards’ during the performance and decide the fate of the poets! Signed copies of the selected poems by the poets will be presented to lucky audience members.                                               



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                                   Singapore Tyler Print Institute

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                            EarthStar Holistic Consultancy



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                            Karen Low. Vivien Tan and friends



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