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Dare To Be Great 0.4mb  
Infinity Qi Gong @ Geylang Community Library 14.5mb  
Infinite Qi Gong at The Expat Show, Suntec City 11.2mb  
Harmonic Concordance, Pierce Reservoir 4.4mb  
St. Valentine's Day Poetry Reading at The Esplanade 2.6mb  
Flow Lightbody Massage at fundraiser Kids with Cancer Walk 5.2mb  
Flow and Wai Chi 1.1mb  
Sex in the Air Reception and Launch 2.1mb  
Sex in the Air Launch Party at Zouk 2.3mb  

YouTube videos
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Dancing with the Divine    
Namaste Festival, 2010 AmaLia Wai Ching, Jakarta Indonesia    
Infinity Qi Gong and Quantum Healing Interview    
Infinity Quantum Qi Gong Presentation, Ama Lia Wai Ching Lee    
Bimini 2011    
Bali Conscious Convergence, 18 July 2010    
AmaLia Wai Ching Lee on Chi Gong and Yoga